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Looking to expand your online communication capabilities? Buy cheap, verified Google Voice accounts with Nigerian Naira and get access to multiple phone numbers.


  • Free phone number for voice calls and text messages
  • Seamless integration with existing phone number
  • Call forwarding to multiple devices
  • Voicemail transcription for easy access to messages
  • Affordable rates for international calls


Google Voice is an Internet based phone service. You can make and receive phone calls and also send text messages by using this service. This is a Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service, so it totally works using the internet. As this is an internet based service you don’t need to spend money for recharging your mobile account. Also you can contact with others using your laptop or desktop too, while your phone is not near you. 

People are now using Google Voice accounts for personal purpose as well as business purposes. But, one thing that may surprise you that we often find people are searching on the internet to buy Google Voice accounts while creating a Google Voice account is free. We will find an answer of this matter. But before that, let’s take a look at the importance of Google Voice accounts for business purpose. 

 Importance of Google Voice Accounts for Your Business

Let’s find out how Google Voice helps you to connect you with your clients and grow your business:

  • As a businessman, you will never want to miss any calls from your clients because there is a chance that you are going to lose a potential customer whenever you miss a call from your clients. Google Voice allows you to use your account on different devices at the same time as it does not require any phone number to use. You can connect all your workers using a single account. So there is always someone to pick up your client’s call. It lessens the chances of losing potential customers. 
  • You can use Google Voice as a dedicated business contact system rather than providing your personal number or information for your business contacts. 
  • You can use it whenever you want using any smartphone or device. It is not mandatory for you to keep your personal cellphone always with you when you are using Google Voice. 

Where can You Buy Google Voice Accounts?

Now, you know that Google Voice account is important for your business like any other accounts on different social media. So, you may wish to buy Google Voice accounts but you are confused as there are some questions in your mind such as “Where to buy Google Voice accounts?” or “How can I buy Google Voice accounts?” We are the answer of all your questions regarding Google Voice accounts. 

Buy Google Voice Accounts

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We sell old Google Voice accounts at cheap rates. You can buy bulk Google Voice accounts from us anytime you want. But before you place your order from us, let’s discuss about why you should buy Google Voice accounts from us.

Why should You Buy Google Voice Accounts from Us?

There are many features that we always maintain in your business which has made us unique than the others who sell Google Voice accounts. The main features that we have are:

  • Quick Delivery Service: We handover our Google Voice accounts at the quickest time possible. We try to deliver our accounts as soon as all the formalities are over from both our side and the customers’ side. We always make sure that we do not keep our clients waiting for their accounts after we receive all the necessary information and money of the accounts.
  • Safe Place to Buy: Our website is may be safest site on the internet you will find from where you can buy Google Voice accounts without any trouble. There are lots of fraud websites where you will complete your payment but won’t get your account. Again, you may receive your account but you won’t receive the features you wanted or they promised to provide with the account. We always try to meet all the criteria that our clients wanted from us. 
  • Trusted Site: Ours is probably the most trusted website on the internet for buying Google Voice accounts. As we are in this business for a long period of time, we have vast experiences in selling these accounts. Using those experiences, we have credibility towards our customers. This credibility has now created a good relationship of us with a number of satisfied customers and partners. 
  • Low Costing: If you want to buy Google Voice accounts at cheap rates, we are the best place for you. We have accounts at the lowest price possible for our customers. Account price may vary depending on the age of the accounts. But, one thing for sure that you won’t find any other website on the internet selling accounts at as low price as we do. 
  • Quality Service: The main thing that you will receive from us is quality service. We always try to satisfy our customers with what we are selling to them. We have a team of well-trained people at your service 24/7. You can contact us anytime you want for any queries and information related to our Google Voice account and you will find us for answering your questions. You can check out the reviews from our previous customers’ in the review section of our website so that you can get an idea about our services.
  • Easy Procedure for Buying Accounts: We have made an easy ordering procedure, so that you can place your order for buying Google Voice accounts from us without any trouble. 

Features of Our Google Voice Accounts

  • Active accounts: Our Google accounts are completely activated. You won’t have to go through any activation process after you receive the account from us. All you have to do is buy and start using the account for your business. 
  • Fully Verified: We provide verified accounts for our customers. All our accounts are fully verified with active Google accounts. 
  • Login Details: We provide all the login details with our accounts to our clients. So, you can change your login information anytime you want. As soon as you change your login information we will not have any further access to your accounts. 


We have tried our best to explain everything related to Google Voice accounts. But still if you have any confusion you can check out this FAQ section. We will answer some questions that we often face.

1. Is it legal to buy Google Voice accounts?

Buying and selling Google Voice accounts may violet some rules of Google. But there are no such rules against buying any personal properties including online accounts. So, this is not illegal to buy or sell Google Voice account.

2. Can I buy bulk Google Voice accounts from you?

Yes, you can. We have Google Voice for sell at a bulk amount. You can get any number of accounts you want from us. Moreover, you can also buy aged Google Voice accounts from us.

3. Do you have Google Voice accounts for specific area?

Yes, we do. You can provide the area or country you want and other necessary information while placing your order. 


Google Voice account is something that helps you to get connected with your customers easily so that you do not lose your potential customers. It also helps you to get connected with your newly targeted customers. Also, it makes your communication system easier than making phone calls using cell phones. If you ever feel that you need to buy Google Voice accounts, you can place your order from us anytime without any hesitation. 


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