Happy Mother's Day Mama Peep

As we all know, Gus had an infectious generous spirit. He shared every bit of himself and everything he had with his family, friends and fans. Gus was a strong advocate for human rights and equality. He believed every person deserved access to health care and a chance for a better life.  

Gus adopted this idea of equality from his role model, his mother, Liza Womack. On behalf of Mother's Day, we wanted to give back to a charity of Liza's choice. That charity, which Gus's grandfather, Jack (pictured above) has supported for many years, is the Youth Health Service Corps, run by Centro Sin Fronteras Community Services Network in Chicago, Illinois. 

Your donation will help fund programs for students interested in the health care profession, in the form of general operating expenses as well as supplies for health fairs and in-class health activities. With these donations, Centro Sin Fronteras Community Services Network will bring health-screening for the following to poverty-plagued communities for the following dangerous conditions: (1) hypertension, (2) diabetes, (3) HIV/AIDs, (4) cancer and (5) asthma.
In addition to helping those in need, every $5 donated is good for one entry in our charity lottery. 

The grand prize (1 winner) is a one-and-only hand painted leather Peep jacket by Cody Reed (@reptil_kodiya) pictured below here. 

The second grand prize (3 winners) Lil Peep Forever Rainbow Plasma Lighters, and the third grand prize (5 winners) is a choice of any available Lil Peep Merchandise on his webstore. 

There is no limit on entries! The more you donate the better chance you have to win!"