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Dear Lil Peep fans,

Gus inspired and encouraged millions to express their lives through music, art, and words. 

One of his plans was to launch a clothing line called NO SMOK!NG. Another plan was to invite fans to create merchandise through his official site. Both ideas were set to launch early 2018.

Sadly, Gus passed before either could launch. We decided to give NO SMOK!NG to those who matter most in keeping Lil Peep’s memory alive — the fans. We are creating a NO SMOK!NG section in his official store where fans can express, create, and share in the profits. NO SMOK!NG section will be for serious, Lil Peep inspired designs only. Artists and graphic designers are highly encouraged to submit.

We will accept submissions on August 1st, at 12pm, PST through August 8th, at 12pm, PST. You can find our submission form once it opens at the bottom of the page.

Thank you for remaining inspired - you Lil Peep Fans inspire us everyday. We can't wait to see your art. 

When we will begin accepting submissions?
August 1st at 12pm PST

How do I submit?
The submission form will be available August 1st at 12pm PST on THIS page, down below.

What is needed to submit?
Each submission must have the following:
1) A mock up or sketch of an original Lil Peep inspired/owned design idea. At this time, we are only accepting apparel based designs (tees, hoodies, etc)
2) Corresponding art file(s) (HIGHEST RESOLUTION format)
3) Proof that you are at least 18 years old or submission by a parent/legal guardian on a minors behalf

What type of merch are you looking for?
At this time, we are looking for standard top apparel only (tees, hoodies, longsleeves, etc)

What is a mock up?
A mock-up is an image showing the apparel of your choice with your art / graphic as you would like it printed. For example, a tee shirt with your art on the front and a logo on the sleeve.

Can I send my designs to
Only submissions sent using the submission form (available August 1st at 12pm pst) will be considered for No Smok!ng.

What if I'm not 18?
There will be a check box on the official submission form for those who are under 18. Any selected designs of minors will be sent a parent / guardian permission form.

How many designs can I submit?

Will my design be added to the NO SMOK!NG Section?
The NO SMOK!NG Section will be evolving. Eventually we would like to include all submitted designs. For the time being, only a limited number of submissions will be selected and sold. You will have a chance to submit for subsequent drops in the future. Stay tuned for announcements regarding upcoming drops on The Hyv's socials.

How will I know if my submission will be selected?
Selected submissions will be notified via email.

Will I make money?
If your design is approved, each designer will be entitled to a percentage of sales.

What is the design criteria?
Each design must be Lil Peep related or inspired. Designs must be original and may not violate any trademark or licenses. We are allowing name and likeness of Lil Peep to be used but no other licensed aspects may be included.

When will submissions close?
For the time being, submissions will close on August 8th at 12pm PST.

Why wasn’t my design chosen?
The volume of NO SMOK!NG submissions have been overwhelmingly awesome. However, your art may have been not chosen for any of the following reasons:
-There was a clear trademark or copyright infringement.
-There was a problem opening your art file.
-Submission instructions were not followed closely.
-Design is not producible due to do production limitations.

Additional questions can be directed to

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