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  • Arcosanti Bell

Arcosanti Bell

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Bronze windbells are a metaphor for what we are trying to do as a whole here at Arcosanti. Bronze was the first man-made alloy and it represents a clear human intention to change the elements of our environment to create something wholly new. Inside the crucible, elements that were once separate lose their barriers and coalesce into bronze. And with that bronze we produce formed objects of music that ring out a purpose for being made. Objects that connect humans to each other through their connection to Arcosanti and to all whose lives have been changed by our ever evolving poem of FORM.

Each bell bears a unique design handcrafted by a skilled artisan. Original designs will vary from displayed sample. The highly variable color patterns range from green to turquoise or from orange to red or with all shades mottled on the same piece.

Dimensions of Entire Assemblage:

10″ long from the top link/loop of chain to the bottom edge of the fin
(2.5″ is the height of the bell component only)

3.5″ measured at the widest point within the bell assembly
(2.5″ is the width of the bell component only)


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