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DIY TIL DEATH Benefit Compilation Cassette Bundle Pack (Pre-Order)

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  • Expected to ship in 4-5 weeks. 
  • Limited to 100. Tape cover/shirt design by Al Dubber.
  • 100% of proceeds donated to NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness).
  • Purchase includes cassette + download code + t-shirt.
  • Digital download link will be sent this weekend (7/8/18)
I truly believe that the universe made Ham on Everything popular so that I could have a platform where my voice is heard about issues that are near and dear to my heart; such as mental health. I feel like if you have a platform and don't use it to help make a positive contribution to the world then you are doing yourself a disservice. This compilation is to help spread awareness about mental health and to help raise money to donate to NAMI (which is a great organization). I want to personally thank every amazing artist who donated a song for this comp. And to everyone who purchases this comp I want to thank you; truly, truly from the bottom of my heart.

01 Wicca Phase Springs Eternal (Full band demo) - Fallen Angel
02 Boyfriendz - Crying to the Bank
03 Fantasy Camp (Camera Obscura cover) - Lets Go Bowling
04 Brennan Savage - Without You
06 Lil Racecar & Gravelust - Sleeping Cold
07 Maddie Knight - A Prayer Addressed to God
08 Coldhart - Ballad of Coldoroki
09 Smrtdeath - All Your Little Messes
10 Horse Head - Nothing Good Ever Comes
11 Døves (Girls cover) - Hellhole Ratrace
12 Celestia - Broke Ties
13 Barren - We Will Carry Your Name
14 Orignal God - Tell Me Why

01 Ghostemane - Insanity
02 Rozz Dyliams - The Whole Night
03 5 Finger Posse ft Rip Eternal - Circle of Salt
04 Slug Christ - Iono How to Quit
05 Sybyr - N**** Rockstar
06 Jimmy V & Ego Mackey - Dirty
07 Freddie Dredd - You Know
08 TrippJones - Spectacular
09 Kamiyada - Jokers N Thieves
10 Eric North - Fuse!_88
11 Drippinsopretty - I Would Change
12 Ghostie - I Smile When it Rains
13 Blvc Svnd & Gizmo - Barz
14 Kirb La Goop - James Harden
15 BB Sun - Band Aid
16 Taco El - BMBRVDIX


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